Service Offerings Descriptions

LightSpeed PM provides the above list of all current packaged services offerings with structured activities that can be purchased as a package offering. Customers may purchase these prepaid packaged offerings via Purchase Order or Credit Card by contacting, and referencing the SKU number provided at the bottom of each description, without need for a full Statement of Work or other formal document. Each description provided describes the activities to be performed on a time and materials basis for the duration provided therein as a maximum of time to be scheduled, unless additional time has been otherwise purchased. Each description provides the best practice duration recommended for the specified services to be performed; however, customers may (at their choosing) purchase additional time for the purposes of meeting an extended set of goals or working in larger environments. These services are defined by activity and being fixed in duration. By agreeing to purchase services via one of these packaged offerings, Customers also accept the terms outlined in the TSA document without need for additional contractual documents or establishing a Master Services Agreement. LightSpeed PM reserves the right to modify the descriptions as needed to reflect changes in technology or the services required to perform a successful engagement. Customers are encouraged to download a copy of the desired offering and retain it for reference when requesting scheduling of services.