Collaborations for Improved Performance Monitoring Solutions

Our team provides best in class service for Foglight, Stat, SharePlex and KACE. Our partnership with Quest as the delivery arm for those products means you can be confident with your solution, services, training, and implementation when you work with LightSpeed PM.

LightSpeed PM has consistently been chosen to deliver services for quest, 10 years and running!

LightSpeed PM is a Preferred Partner with Quest, so much so that when you purchase services with your Quest license purchase, we are the team they will dispatch. See our link at the Quest Partner Finder page for more information.

LightSpeed PM partners with Arcturus for the solution selling of Applicare including licensing, services, renewals and delivery. Applicare provides synthetics and real time Application Performance Monitoring. 

Today's application environments are distributed and complex, making them difficult to monitor, manage and troubleshoot. Applicare is designed to ensure you're getting the best performance you can from every component. Proactive and effectively monitoring the performance of an application will prevent business-impacting downtime.  

Partnering with SmartBear for Application Monitoring with AlertSite, API Workflow Management and Mobile application monitoring with BitBar extends our Performance Monitoring solutions to every stage of development.

Our Partnership with Optimiz brings AppDynamics as a monitoring solution for your Application Performance. LightSpeed PM will work with you to ensure your need is fully scoped and licensed as well as keeping the implementation, and on schedule.

We partner with Huntress to bring you this exceptional solution that helps you at the front line of danger to your computer systems. Huntress enables customers to identify malicious software that has made it past your firewalls and your antivirus, looking for the telltale signs that have been identified by a world class team of ethical hackers. When you have done everything right and something bad still gets through to put you at risk of an impending ransomware attack, Huntress solutions will detect it’s presence, notify you of the issue, and help you respond to remove their hooks and prevent the attack before it can happen.

I’m Wade Myers, CEO of LightSpeed PM, and I’ve consistently used McAfee products since 1997. I’ve tried others Antivirus Products and have even administered other AV product at organizations with multiple well known security products. My experience has been that McAfee products are better at protecting the companies I’ve worked for and with. One thing I know to be true is: wherever we had McAfee products deployed, we did not have to worry whether there was adequate coverage for the next major attack. McAfee products have been consistently reliable for protecting our Servers and Desktops wherever they have been deployed.
No solution in and of itself can protect a company from every angle. Maintaining a robust security plan with different solutions to meet requirements at each end of your network is necessary to keep your system running smooth and free of intrusion.
McAfee has a host of solutions available to meet the wide range of needs in the market today, and LightSpeed PM is an authorized Partner who can help you identify the right solutions at the right price.
We’re proud to Partner with McAfee, and we’re looking forward to serving your needs for purchasing and implementation.

We Partner with Dell EMC, Lenovo, Sonic Wall, and Cisco.

Our Distribution Partnerships include: Arrow, CDW, Immix, Lifeboat, Tech Data, and Zones.

For Federal Channel projects we work with DLT.