SharePlex Health Check

SharePlex Health Check


A health check for SharePlex for Oracle focuses on ensuring that your current configurations and replication performance are within optimal range for your environment by validating the amount of data being replicated, how well it is being processed on the target host(s), and whether or not there is any need for improvement.


  • Up to 16 hours of total Consulting effort
  • Up to 2 hours of Project Coordination


Scripts will be provided to pull relevant data from up to 10 instances of Shareplex in your existing environment for offline review.

After performance data has been collected, the Consultant will review and document the environment in its current state, as well evaluating the following aspects of your configuration:

  • Determine quantity of ports configured
  • Identify any Custom parameters currently in effect for all ports
  • Identify any unresolved errors or issues logged by Shareplex
  • Provide guidance on Best Practice parameter settings for current and future SharePlex instances in order to get the highest possible throughput on replication
  • Validate that maintenance tasks are archiving compare and event logs for all ports
  • Provide recommendations for running proactive comparison scripts that start SharePlex compare/repair jobs
  • Check for any orphaned processes accumulating on the servers
  • Document any unresolved performance issues that are identified during the performance of above listed services, and provide to Customer for review and follow up
  • Recommend version updates or upgrades as appropriate
  • Diagram the SharePlex configuration and data flow

Tuning recommendations may include increasing hardware capacity, ports, queues, network throughput, or other external factors, dependent upon results of discovery and monitoring.

Upon completion of the collection of data and document creation, the Consultant will meet with the customer to present the findings and recommendations. Customer may choose to implement any changes without the assistance of our resources, or under a separate agreement we can contract implement any or all of the recommendations.