Stat Consulting - 5 days of services


As time passes it is natural for various configuration items in Stat to get out of sync with each other. At a minimum, this can be a simply annoyance like a drop-down value that says one thing but means something else or as serious as a flaw in Stat security setup which enables users to bypass workflow rules. The Health Check is designed to find these inconsistencies and to address them. It will be comprised of five (5) steps:
1) Document existing configuration,
2) Analyze configuration and processes,
3) Recommend changes to configuration and processes,
4) Update configuration and processes and
5) Document new configuration and processes.


5 days of consulting:

  1. Day #1 - Extract data from current Stat configuration and begin analysis
  2. Day #2 - Complete analysis and present findings in written report
  3. Day #3 - Review recommendations on how to address gaps and enhance functionality
  4. Day #4 - Implement recommendations which were approved and validate configuration
  5. Day #5 - Wrap-up: document changes; perform knowledge transfer sessions as required


Services may be delivered remotely or on-site.


  • Health Check Report
  • Updated configuration
  • Document which details configuration and process changes which were implemented