Foglight Remote Administration Services

Foglight Remote Administration Services are designed to provide Foglight customers with simple, cost-effective way to manage, maintain, and enhance their Foglight solution on a daily basis without the need to hire additional resources or re-allocate existing personnel resources that are focused on other tasks.

With this offering, LightSpeed PM provides a remote Foglight administrator whose primary tasks are to remotely manage and maintain your Foglight environment and engage with Quest Support as needed to ensure smooth, incident-free operation of the Foglight Management Server. We cover your Database or Virtualization monitoring and provide regular reports on the state of the environment to all stakeholders. The Remote Foglight Administrator will securely login to your Foglight Management Server for a pre-defined number of hours per day or per week to manage, configure, tune, and maintain Foglight.

The following services and activities are included in the scope of the Foglight Remote Administration Services:

  • Review and tune configuration of Foglight Management Server and Foglight Management Server Database Repository
  • Review and tune configuration of Foglight client components, such as FglAM or SPID
  • Review and tune configuration of Foglight agents and Custom agents
  • Review and tune configuration of rules, system alerts, and threshold settings to improve the applicability of out-of-the-box alerting triggers
  • Review and tune configuration of custom reports and dashboards
  • Review any open support issues and escalate as required
  • Engage with Quest Support if new support tickets need to be open
  • Act as a primary contact during support issue resolution
  • Perform periodic Health Checks to ensure optimal operation of Foglight
  • Help plan and support customer in the application of Foglight patch releases and feature releases
  • Provide weekly status reports to stakeholders

PSO Offering Specifics and Prerequisites

This program requires secure remote login to the customer’s Foglight environment, which may require additional set-up. For details please contact your sales account manager.

This program includes options for three, six or twelve months of service delivery,

  • Initial month at 20 hours per week
  • Subsequent months at 10 hours per week
  • Minimum 14 days advanced booking required subject to availability.

This is a fixed-time contract. This is not a fixed-deliverables contract. This service offering is based upon an “average” level of effort for a packaged offering. This offering can be purchased in multiple quantities. Additional discounts may apply.

This offering is for North America only. Contact your regional sales management for program information.

Foglight Remote Administration Services – Q&A

A: In this situation this package wouldn't apply because it doesn't allow us to plan the engagement accordingly and instead of a scheduled engagement becomes an ad-hoc and on-demand one, thereby increasing the costs because additional coordination is required. Therefore, in this situation we need to go the SOW route.

A: The customer does not need to worry about how the hours are utilized. The RA can spend 15 hours for one week and 5 hours during the following week for instance. The focus is on keeping the customer Foglight environment operational and 10 hours per week are expected to be adequate for the tasks at hand. If there is a significant discrepancy between the requirements and the time allocated per this offering then we can renegotiate and perhaps convert it into a SOW, just as we do today to address discrepancies.

A: We will make every effort to have the same RA involved throughout an engagement.

A: We are considering introducing a Premier Foglight Remote Administration Services offering at a later point in time.

A: No, these are also resources of Quest and LightSpeed PM who are considered critical to organizational success. By agreeing to participate in the program, you will sign documentation that explicitly precludes hiring, unless we have made specific arrangements to assist you with the onboarding and training of a new resource as part of the engagement.

A: We will be conscientious about any possible conflict of interest and will work to address it.

A: If that's a customer requirement we will meet it and provide an RA based in North America.

A: We don't anticipate that there will be a need for this.

A: We run background and drug tests for all of our RAs. If a resource with security clearance is required, please contact your ESM to discuss the options available.

A: Certainly.

A: Certainly. We would need to create an SOW for that.