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Foglight Customization

Performance Monitoring Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

The concept is simple... Foglight can do a lot of things, and you have great ideas about what you want to do with it. But you don't always have the time do learn how to dig deep and pull the information in the way you want to see it, or more importantly how your boss wants to see it.

Foglight has tons of good information, dashboards and alerting out of the box, but you need to add to it and grow the solution faster than the updates are making solutions available.


Our resources have the know how and the experience. If it can be done, we can do it!

Our team of highly skilled professionals have been working around the clock and around the world with intelligent customers just like you who know what they need and just need the help getting to it. We are actively building solutions every day to improve the performance and simplify administration of to give you back your time and let the our solutions do the work.

For example, check out our Automation Solutions that could give you back as much time as one Full Time Employee depending upon your environment size.


- Integration with a product not currently listed on our site
- Specialized Cartridges
- Custom Agents
- Custom Reports or Dashboards
- Derived Metrics
- Custom Alerts

Again, if it can be done, our team can do it. If you don't see it here, then ask and let's make it happen!

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